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More UK Shows Coming Soon!   /   06.03.14

Hey everyone! I am back in the UK in 8 days!! Get your tickets!

I wanted to share this little video diary from my last DIY UK tour, to show you a little bit about my unique experience and other stuff like me signing someones leg for a tattoo (look closely)!

This will be the last chance to see me in the UK playing solo/dumdums stuff for a while, but although I don’t have plans to come back at the moment, I will be back, hopefully next year! 

After this June UK tour I will head out on a US acoustic tour and after that I will be focusing exclusively on my new band so if you are anywhere in the UK and want to see me live, get your tickets for THIS tour while you can!!

P.S. Before I was just looking at the midwest/eastern states for a US tour but now I’m looking at EVERYWHERE in the USA now - i’m getting bold! RSVP at

P.P.S. If you want one last chance to see me play full band Dumdums/Josh Doyle songs - who knows when that will happen again - come and see me in Leeds, Coventry or London!

Tour News for my UK & USA People   /   03.25.14

Hey everyone —

Josh Doyle here, back from a long silence on the touring & releasing records front. I’ve been busy writing & recording demos for my next incarnation, which will be revealed in due course…

In the meantime, scroll down to see the upcoming tour dates i’ve thrown together for the good people of the UK! It will be just me and my guitar playing very small clubs packed only with people that know and dig my music. I can’t wait!

Tickets are selling quicker than I anticipated. The venues are small and there is limited availability so if you want to see me play, you need to get a ticket pretty much ASAP yikes :/. Get tickets here

RSVP here on the facebook event page -

Now I need you, people of the USA!!

On this UK tour I asked my social media fanbase where they wanted me to tour and I’m playing the places that had the highest demand. I’m not ready to announce a full US tour just yet, but I would like to find out where there are clusters of fans.

I would greatly appreciate it if US fans could use the “questions” feature on my page to request their city. If you have more solid leads for actual feasible gig scenarios, please email me back at

Ok - thats me over and out,


Hello from 35,000 Feet!   /   06.27.13

As you read this, my American band and I are in the air heading across the pond to the UK!

It truly has been a quiet couple of months on the touring front. I’ve been writing songs for myself, for other people, looking after the kids, picking up a bit of work to pay the bills…

However, this week it all gets exciting again.

After a rousing performance by my band in front of a terrific sold out crowd at The Borderline in London in March, we secured places at Glastonbury Festival and Hard Rock Calling!

This is the first big opportunity I have had to start things up again in the UK since Dumdums in 2001. The worldwide press that will be there, and the potential new fans combined, is huge. 

(This may seem odd, especially if you are nowhere near these shows, but you can make them dozens of times more effective in getting my music out there just sitting behind your computer!)

I am a relative unknown, BUT a combined 225,000 people will be walking around these festivals looking for someone to listen to. You will have friends in your circles going to these festivals, or friends of friends — tell them to come check me out!



29 June - Glastonbury Festival 2013 - 11:30am (Avalon Stage)
30 June - Hard Rock Calling - 4:55pm (Hard Rock Rising Stage)

Please post it on your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, and even go to the Facebook pages of the festivals/artists to post on threads! It truly does help…

Keep an eye on my profiles for exclusive backstage content I will be taking pics every chance I get :) - Hit me up on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram too!

You’re the best!!

May 2013 Update   /   05.09.13

Hey everyone-

Love you guys! Please keep spreading the word about all of the cool things we’ve been working on here! We’re still an indie label, and it’s exciting what is getting accomplished. We still need to keep getting enough fans in your city so we can tour near you — you can help a lot by just posting one video!

1. BRAND NEW “My Jerusalem” live video from our show at The Rutledge in Nashville, Tennessee. We got it mixed and looks great – a song about life – I can’t find my Jerusalem – what does that mean?
Click here to watch the live video!
2. I just signed with Imagem Music Publishing! Very excited about this partnership -  click here to read the announcement on the Imagem website.

3. I’m coming back to London to perform at Hard Rock Calling 2013 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on 30 June — with Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, The Black Crowes, Alabama Shakes, and the Zac Brown Band!
Click here for tickets (available now), and RSVP on Facebook!

And just in case you missed the announcement last month, I’ll be playing the Avalon stage at the Glastonbury Festival the day before Hard Rock Calling as well! The festival is sold out, but RSVP on Facebook if you’ll be there!


We had a great re-introduction to the UK press — here’s a huge article in The Telegraph from 13 April. Click here to read the article!

5. People doing covers of my songs – stick yours on YouTube and I’ll give ‘em some love — take a look here!

Thanks for reading everyone! I’m really excited about the next few months!


P.S. What is your favourite video of mine? Look up “Josh Doyle” on YouTube, and post your favourite & email it to a friend!

P.P.S. Happy Mothers Day! It’s nice to see the sun out in these parts at last…

The Road to Glastonbury 2013   /   03.26.13

GOOD NEWS! After a great, sold-out show at the Borderline on Monday (THANK YOU to all who made it out to see us), I just got word that the entire Josh Doyle band will be returning to the UK in June to perform at the world famous Glastonbury Festival 2013! Not only that, but we’ll be playing the same day as the Rolling Stones!

Tickets have been sold out for the festival since October, but if you were already planning on going, I can’t wait to see you out there!

LIVE from 3rd & Lindsley Footage
As a special bonus, we just released several songs that were recorded LIVE from our last sold-out show at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee, including Meaning of Life, Aphrodite, and I Want To Break Your Mended Heart.  Click here to watch all 3 songs now!

Stay tuned-

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