Josh Doyle Performances on the Nick & Artie Show   /   09.11.12

Hey — a lot been going on lately… First, Jimmy Kimmel Live in LA a couple weeks back. Then, I got a call on Wednesday to fly to New York on Friday for the premiere episode of "The Nick and Artie Show" on Direct TV’s Audience Channel.
By popular request, here are links to both of the songs, including an acoustic version of “Solarstorms” and the first airing of an acoustic version of “Bird Of Prey”.
Here’s my performance of "Solarstorms":

And here’s my performance of "Bird of Prey":

Also here is a ten minute interview I did on the show with shock jocks Nick DiPaulo and Artie Lang, which is probably not suitable for kids due to the questions they ask. I did manage to duck and dive and come out pretty unscathed… haha. I talk about everything from my former band and why I quit, to what it was like working a regular day job again after a successful music career. I feel like I did a pretty good job making it entertaining! 

Whats next? Keep checking my Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram (@JoshDoyleMusic) and website ( to see it go down behind the scenes as it happens!
And don’t forget to download my single “Solarstorms” on iTunes (!
Enjoy the vids!
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